Sunday, March 11, 2012

16 weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

16 weeks!
Moving right along.  This week I had an OB appointment.  Everything looked fine.
Baby's Heart beat - 148bpm
Measuring at 16 weeks,
Nothing overly exciting.  

Symptoms:  Still super cold all the time.  I did however use the air conditioning for the first time this year in the car on Saturday while shopping.  The sun was super hot that day.  Still tired most days.
Weight Gain:  total 4 lbs.  I think I actually look pregnant now, not just that I've gotten soft and chucky in my middle section.
Cravings: Chocolate Milkshakes and Onion rings are still high on the list of cravings.  Also enter salt, in the form of Chipins (popcorn chips, sea salt flavored), lemons (sour, but I like to eat them with salt), and tomatoes (which I also salt).  
Aversions: I prepared and ate sound ground beef, so I guess that aversion is now gone.  No aversions have popped up this week.
What made me Cry: Nothing.that I can think of.
Medical Stuff: Listed above... baby's heart beat 148 bpm and measuring at 16 weeks.
Looking Forward to: Waiting to hear back from the office about when my Ultrasound will be.  It was ordered for between 18 and 20 weeks, so I should be hearing something soon.  Anxious to find out if we'll be a family with 4 boys, or if we can finally add a little pink into the mix.

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